Announcement of a distribution agreement between MetaSensing and GeoSinergia for the mining market i

Intergeo 2018 – Frankfurt: MetaSensing and GeoSinergia sign a new distribution agreement to provide the FastGBSAR to the mining markets in Chile and Peru with all support services and to strongly grow in the South American countries.

The FastGBSAR is a ground-based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar used to monitor slope and infrastructures stability. The FastGBSAR measures displacement and movement of slopes and mand-made structures every 10 seconds with an accuracy of 0.01 mm up to 4 km from the installation location.

The FastGBSAR has different configurations depending on the user and application requirements.

The FastGBSAR is a paramount equipment for increasing the safety in open-pit mines, dams, water reservoirs and to increase productivity in the open-pit mines.

GeoSinergia will offer the FastGBSAR and the required user support to the clients with a structured dedicated team of experts.

Dr. Adriano Meta, Founder and Director of MetaSensing, said: “The partnership with GeoSinergia is a very important step towards providing our advanced mapping solution, the FastGBSAR, for the growing mining market in South America, offering a reliable partner to us, but mainly to the local mines.”

MSc. Igor Bravo, Founder and CEO of GeoSinergia, said: “The partnership with MetaSensing enable us to bring a top-notch radar technology to the clients in South America and service them with a high standard support. The FastGBSAR will become a strong alternative for the radar needs in the open-pit and tailings dam at the same time we will extend the use and applications in other infrastructure and areas. We have found in MetaSensing an innovative and agile company, factors that are key to respond to the market demands and become a leader.”

MetaSensing is a radar manufacturer which focuses on providing advanced high-resolution radar systems for monitoring, mapping, imaging and surveillance. MetaSensing has three lines of vertical operations: ground-based, airborne and spaceborne while focusing on two different market divisions: Geomatics/Earth Observation and Defense and Security.

MetaSensing has three offices in The Netherlands, Italy and Singapore.

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GeoSinergia is an international company focusing in the field of geotechnical and structural monitoring for mining projects, civil and special constructions.

A highly qualified team of multidisciplinary professionals and the help of latest technology enable GeoSinergia to deliver a comprehensive digital solution that registers and monitors the variables that define the global stability of the infrastructure, reducing risk and increasing productivity for their clients.

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