MetaSensing to deliver two airborne SAR sensors

February 1, 2018

MetaSensing has been awarded a contract to deliver two airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems to a Governmental Research Agency in the Asia Pacific region. 


The system features the airborne segment with the SAR instrument, operator computer with control software and data quality check, and the real-time flight management system. 

The ground-segment instead sees the End-to-End airborne SAR Processor and the post-processing tool for Inverse SAR. 


The SAR sensors operate at X- and Ku-band with a resolution of up to 25 cm. Each sensor is equipped with two transmit and two receive channels for fully polarimetric and/or interferometric acquisitions at each frequency band. 


Overview of ocean surface currents observed with MetaSAR-X in the proximity of a commercial harbour.


The SAR sensors are principally meant to observe the ocean surface characteristics and for land monitoring. 


Details of ocean surface currents with MetaSAR-X.





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