QX-60 weather Radar installed on top of the highest building in Delft.

On December 4th, the skyline of Delft has changed. The new QX-60 X band weather radar by MetaSensing has been delivered and installed on top of the highest building in Delft (after the Nieuwe Kerk), the EWI building, where the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of TU Delft is housed.

The EWI building at the campus of TUDelft hosts at the last floors the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) group. A number of radars and communication antennas are installed on the roof, including the new QX-60 radar by MetaSensing.

An uplift crane has been used to bring the sensor on top of the 23rd floor (100 m).

Moments of the spectacular delivery of the radar on top of the roof by a powerful uplift crane.

After a 100 meters panoramic tour, the moment in which the systems touches down its final destination.

After touching down its final destination, the systems has been fastened and connected in few minutes: the very same day the system is fully operative, for the happiness of researchers and scientists who now have a new tool for measurements of clouds, rains and precipitations.

The QX-60 is a fully polarimetric radar with advanced real time polarimetric capabilities. It is manufactured and produced by MetaSensing and its partners. The MetaSensing weather radar family is also complemented by the QX-120 which reaches 120 km coverage, and the QX-P which is the pulsed version with a single antennas and solid state amplifiers.

The QX radar hardware comes together with the QX-Pro, the advanced real time processing software for the generation of polarimetric radar maps.

Multiple windows for different products of the QX-Pro.

The QX-60 radar sensor by MetaSensing.

At the end of the day, the installation can be considered fully successful, and the protagonists have some time and some nice weather to enjoy from a favored close position the modified skyline of Delft.

At the end of the day the satisfaction of the protagonists for the job done is evident.

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