MetaSensing’s avalanche radar detects two avalanches in Norway.

Last May MetaSensing’s avalanche radar did an excellent job detecting two avalanches in Norway. Thanks to its early warning system, the roads in the area were immediately closed for the safety of the drivers.

The avalanche radar is a C-band doppler radar designed for early detection of avalanches and landslides. It can detect the first movements during avalanche initiation and trigger alarms within 1.5 seconds. This is what happened on May 17th in Lom, Norway. Thanks to the alarm triggered by the radar, the traffic on the closest road has been stopped, thus protecting the drivers from potentially severe accidents.

The radar is part of Cautus Geo monitoring system, which uses the alarms generated by the radar to trigger light, sound, or dynamic signs on location, as well as send SMS and email alerts.

Upon detection of a slide, an integrated optical camera starts recording. All videos, as well as the radar measurements, such as velocity profiles and avalanche range doppler maps, are available on the web in near real time via the Cautus Web system (

Optical images of the avalanches

Optical images of the avalanche in Lom, Norway. Credits: CautusGeo.

Avalanche backscattered intensity in the range-Doppler domain.

Avalanche radar installation in Lom, Norway. Credits: CautusGeo.

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