New airborne dataset at C-band

Last week MetaSensing successfully proved its C-band airborne radar sensor in the framework of an ESA-funded measurement campaign in collaboration with NIBIO (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research).

Airborne picture taken during acquisitions

The project is a study of the technical feasibility and utility of a C-band convoy satellite mission for forest monitoring. It uses single-pass C-band interferometric SAR to provide insight into basic science questions regarding vegetation height and biomass estimates. Data analysis of this project will also serve as a feasibility study into the possibility of adding two receive-only SAR companion satellites to Sentinel-1.

Single-pass C-band interferometric datasets have been collected over two representative sites in Larvik, Norway and Remningstorp, Sweden, comprising one of the first datasets of this kind. Corner reflectors were deployed in the observed area for making calibrations. This campaign will produce a set of interferometric SAR (InSAR) images.

Corner reflectors deployed on the observed area

Location of the measurements sites

During the acquisitions, MetaSensing was joined by special guests from the NRK, the public broadcasting company for radio and television in Norway.

Special media guest on board during acquisitions

Here the link to NRK online video:

A second measurement campaign is already planned over the same sites in September 2017. During that campaign, an X-band system will join the C-band system that has already flown. This campaign will measure, in part, the similarity between X and C-band InSAR signals in forest mapping scenarios. This could pave the way for interesting new applications for satellite missions!

Airborne picture over Norway

Example of SAR image at C-band acquired during the campaign over the Swedish site of Remningstorp. In the blue square it is shown a corner reflector. Several reflectors have been deployed on the field for calibration purposes.

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