FastGBSAR introduced in Chile

MetaSensing staff just came back from a trip to Chile, where, together with the Chilean distributor Indelta, they visited several mines and institutions presenting the FastGBSAR system and the MetaSensing airborne radar mapping solutions. A FastGBSAR system is currently at Indelta’s premises ready for demonstrations and trials around the country.

One FastGBSAR system will be installed before the end of the month in the mine “El Soldado”, owned by Anglo American, for a trial period. The mine is a copper mine located at about 100 km north from Santiago.

View of “El Soldado” mine

MetaSensing staff visiting “El Soldado” mine

The FastGBSAR has been presented to the mine “Los Bronces” too. Los Bronces, owned by Anglo American is a copper mine having a production of about 402 tons of copper per year (in 2015), and located at about 3500 m above sea level in the proximity of Santiago. The FastGBSAR will be installed at Los Bronces before the end of 2016.

View of “Los Bronces” mine

MetaSensing staff visiting “Los Bronces ” mine

Stay tuned for next news from Chile !!!

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