FastGBSAR in Italian open pit

Within the framework of an experimental campaign lead by the Italian Research Centre for forecast, prevention and control of the geological Risk (CERI), in July 2016 MetaSensing installed its FastGBSAR system in an open pit in Acuto (FR)-Italy, in order to monitor the deformation of the rocky walls.

During the experiment the research team, composed by experts from different companies and institutions, performed pseudo-static and dynamic solicitations on chosen rocks to induce their detachment. The FastGBSAR was used to continuously monitor the trend of the deformation and to study the induced vibrations. The FastGBSAR acquired data both in in Real Aperture Radar (RAR) Mode and in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Mode.

The high temporal and spatial resolution dataset acquired by the FastGBSAR will complement the measures acquired by various in situ sensors installed on the site, and will be used to study the initial deformations caused by dynamic solicitations, the detection of rock falls events and their subsequent obstruction.

Partners of the project

The FastGBSAR during the experimental activity in Acuto, Italy

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