MetaSensing awarded OSCAR from ESA

MetaSensing proudly announces the award of the ESA/ESTEC project OSCAR, “Development of an Ocean Surface Currents Airborne instrument Demonstrator”. MetaSensing will develop and deliver to ESA within two years an high sophisticated 8 receiving channel interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar at lower Ku band (13.5 GHz) . The instrument features also multiple transmitting channels for imaging simultaneously two different areas spaced 90 degrees apart. This allows retrieval of ocean surface currents with an unprecedented accuracy of 3 cm/s.

Adriano Meta, Director and Founder of MetaSensing, says that the OSCAR airborne SAR instrument will be a unique sensor with extremely high along track interferometric SAR performance. MetaSensing will be supported by the Spanish company StarLab for the realization of advanced processing algorithms for ocean current retrieval.

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