First Ever Unique Dataset

MetaSensing, within the FP7 European funded project X-WALD, has recently successfully run two airborne campaigns to acquire fully polarimetric weather radar data at X-band. After the first session in December 2015 in the Netherlands, a second airborne measurement campaign in Italy has been recently accomplished by MetaSensing during March 2016. Two different aircraft platforms, with the radar installed in their nose pod, have been used to operate the polarimetric airborne weather radar system designed and manufactured by MetaSensing specifically for avionic meteorological applications. Airborne fully polarimetric radar data of diverse precipitation events at X-band have been successfully collected, representing a unique radar datasets in Europe.

The data will be used for validate and test polarimetric weather signal processing and trajectory optimization algorithms based on more precise information about real-time not forecasted weather phenomena encountered during the flight.

View of clouds from the cockpit during a flight in the Mediterranean sea over Sardinia in Italy.

Aircraft platform (Piaggio P-166) with the radar installed in the nose pod used for the measurements in Italy.

Aircraft platform (Diamond DA-42) with the radar installed in the nose pod used for the measurements in the Netherlands

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