MetaSensing participates to NATO-SET-250 trials with its airborne SAR.

During the NATO-SET-250 trials, held at the end of July in the north of England, MetaSensing's MetaSAR-L radar sensor was deployed to collect SAR images of military targets from several different observation angles and for different configurations. The MetaSAR-L was the low frequency instrument among the fleet of radar sensors in operation, the only one that could ensure foliage penetration and concealed target detection. Courtesy of PDG The MetaSAR-L was installed on an AS350B2 helicopter with a right-hand sliding door and great maneuvering capabilities, allowing operational flight speeds up to 150 knots, heights up to 10000 ft and covering swaths up to 4.5 km. MetaSAR-L Fully polarimetric

Let it rain, Rotterdam

A new weather radar installed in Rotterdam city centre On 10th September 2019, MetaSensing’s “Rijnmond rain-radar” has been installed by the municipality of Rotterdam on the Delftse Poort, the tallest building in the centre of the city with a height of 150 m above ground. From this privileged position, the radar will be in the condition of observing all meteorological events happening in the south of the Netherlands, up to the Hook of Holland. The key advantages of this X-band fully-polarimetric weather radar compared to other national radars already deployed are manifold: it offers the capability of not only observing, but also classifying the precipitations (rain, snow, hail, drizzle) and

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