Bistatic Airborne SAR acquisitions with MetaSAR-L

Our airborne SAR processing experts, Karlus Macedo and Gerard Masalias, attended the ESA “Bi- and Multistatic SAR Systems and Applications” workshop at TUDelft. We presented the latest results of the airborne bistatic SAR campaign, ESA BelSAR, conducted with two independent airborne SAR flying on two separate aircrafts. Each aircraft was carrying the MetaSAR-L configured in fully polarimetric mode and each aircraft was transmitting and receiving acquiring at the same time monostatic and bistatic interferometric data in polarimetric mode. The polarimetric image in Figure 1 shows the response to different backscattering mechanisms from agricultural fields, urban and forested areas. Figure [if

A new look for the FastGBSAR software - Ranger

FastGBSAR is the family of our ground-based solutions for monitoring stability of open-pit mines, slopes, landslides, dams, glaciers, bridges, wind turbines. Available in different configurations (-R,-S,-C) with single or full polarization, FastGBSAR provides valuable information for the safety of people. The FastGBSAR has got a revamped processing and visualization software to provide advanced features keeping its user-friendly nature. Reach out to for more details. #fastgbsar #metasensing #mining #syntheticapertureradar #GBInSAR #slopestability #infrastructure

Polarimetric MetaSAR-L on UAV

MetaSensing and Swissdrones successfully delivered the SDO-50V2 UAV equipped with the MetaSAR-L-uav for intelligence activities in (semi-) vegetated areas. The MetaSAR-L in its lightweight UAV version is a polarimetric L-band airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar with a resolution of 0.75 cm and allows high-resolution monitoring of vegetation and targets in vegetation to retrieve valuable intelligence information with the Change Detection method. The same system can provide also measurements of the vertical surface deformation with Differential Interferometry SAR (DInSAR) for stability monitoring in mines, infrastructures and construction sites. Reach out with further questions or inquiries on a

MetaSensing establishes its presence in the Republic of Korea.

MetaSensing has appointed a representative in charge of Sales and Business Development in the Republic of Korea. Mr. Simon Yoon, responsible of the representative office, oversees the promotion of MetaSensing in his country facilitating direct contacts with Korean main economic and business stakeholders to identify the needs of the local market, propose relevant radar solutions and investigate potential partnerships in the country. The office will serve as a centre for the activities in the Republic of Korea aiming to: strengthen further the relations between, and to promote cooperation among, MetaSensing and the government authorities; enhance further the relations between, and to promo

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