SnowSAR flies with NASA’s first SnowEx Campaign

SnowSAR flies with NASA’s first SnowEx Campaign MetaSensing proudly announces its involvement in NASA’s SnowEx campaign, a multi-year airborne campaign in the US. This project is led by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in collaboration with the International Snow Working Group – Remote Sensing (iSWGR). SnowEx mission insignia As only non-American subject invited to participate in this ambitious project, MetaSensing will be flying its SnowSAR sensor, which has proven itself in many other campaigns worldwide. It works alongside a wide array of other sensors including LiDAR, passive microwave, imaging spectrometer, and infrared sensors. Over the next few years, these airborne sensors will b

Bistatic Airborne SAR with two planes

This week, MetaSensing flew a test campaign to evaluate its bistatic airborne SAR system, including the instrument and the processor. Two fully-polarimetric L-band synthetic aperture radar sensors were installed on separate and independent airplanes to acquire airborne SAR data in bistatic mode. The planes were flown in different formations to get different results. View of the trailing aircraft over cloud cover The L-band bistatic airborne SAR system at can be used to monitor global biomass, crop growth, agriculture, forest volume, and glacier depth and size. Despite sub-zero temperatures at 3000 feet, this campaign provided beautiful preliminary results as well as breathtaking views. View

Probing Ice Sheets for ESA

In August 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) approached MetaSensing in regards to building a Ka-band radar altimeter. This project would be an integral tool during KAREN, a campaign to measure the Greenland ice sheet with the goal of validating similar measurements from radar altimeter satellites CryoSat and AltiKa. MetaSensing’s brand-new Ka-band radar altimeter, ready for installation on board the Twin Otter TF-POF aircraft The real challenge was timing: MetaSensing had to adapt a Ka-band SAR sensor prototype into a rugged altimeter able to operate in arctic conditions, be installed on a new platform with limited space, and account for the presence of other remote sensing instruments —

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