Announce of orders for 16 FastGBSAR units

MetaSensing is glad to announce that the company has received orders for 16 new FastGBSAR units. FastGBSAR is an advanced radar system for deformation monitoring with millimeter accuracy. FastGBSAR features a fast acquisition time of just 5 seconds compared to minutes of competitor systems. This means that when competitor systems acquire one image, FastGBSAR has acquired ten to forty images which allows a more accurate deformation measurement. MetaSensing is soon releasing the new real time software processor with 3D visualization which will be delivered within a complete package with all the 16 ordered units

MetaSensing awarded OSCAR from ESA

MetaSensing proudly announces the award of the ESA/ESTEC project OSCAR, “Development of an Ocean Surface Currents Airborne instrument Demonstrator”. MetaSensing will develop and deliver to ESA within two years an high sophisticated 8 receiving channel interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar at lower Ku band (13.5 GHz) . The instrument features also multiple transmitting channels for imaging simultaneously two different areas spaced 90 degrees apart. This allows retrieval of ocean surface currents with an unprecedented accuracy of 3 cm/s. Adriano Meta, Director and Founder of MetaSensing, says that the OSCAR airborne SAR instrument will be a unique sensor with extremely high along track inte

FastGBSAR monitors glaciers

In June 2016 the FastGBSAR by MetaSensing has been installed in the Aosta Valley (Italy) to monitor the Planpincieux glacier, belonging to the Mont Blanc massif. The monitoring campaign has been organized within the joint research activities of the IRPI –CNR Geohazard Monitoring Group, the Department of Geoscience of the University of Pavia (Italy) and the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (Spain). The frequent measurements (every 10 seconds) collected by the FastGBSAR will be used to study the complex and challenging dynamics of the glacier.

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