FastGBSAR in Italy

On Friday 10th June 2016 MetaSensing participated to the field trip of the 3rd International Course on Geotechnical and Structural monitoring organized by NHAZCA in Santa Sofia, Italy. During the field trip MetaSensing showed the FastGBSAR system in action while monitoring an active landslide.

MetaSAR-XL images

Another unit of the airborne SAR dual-frequency Fully Polarimetric sensor has been delivered to a client in East Asia. First acquisitions simultaneously operating fully polarimetric X-band and L-band have been performed at the end of May. The acquired data have been processed in-house with MetaSensing’s processor. The images below cover 3.5 Km in ground range and 10 Km in azimuth with a final multilooked resolution of 1 meter on ground (single look complex resolution reaches 0.75 x 0.2 meter (slant range x azimuth)). (click on the images for higher resolution version) Color coded composition of X and L band Intensity images simultaneously acquired Color Coded Composition of fully polarimetri

IGARSS2016 – Beijing, China

MetaSensing will be participating to the IGARSS 2016 held in Beijing, China between July 10, 2016 and July 15, 2016 MetaSensing will present one scientific contribution and it will have an exhibitor booth (#18-19) together with its Chinese distributor Anhui WideSight Technology.

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